Saturday, February 24, 2007

Read To Me: First Update

Well, we've been working on Jennifer's Read To Me challenge for nearly a week now. I've been reading to Viking#2 before naptime instead of his mid-day nursing. Other than a day where he fell asleep WAY early in the day while out in the van, we've managed to keep up our book-a-day promise for the first 6 days. While I've enjoyed the "literary snuggle time", I'm not sure #2 is "on board" yet! LOL

Check out Jennifer's site for more ideas.


Denise said...

Great job, woo hoo!!!

sara said...

good job indeed! I've never done anything as formal as this task you've undertaken, but I think it's wonderful. I'm finding that reading to Jack doesn't have to take a lot of time (and yes we often repeat old favorites) for there to be great benefits. I've been reading to Jack since he was teeny tiny and it is at the point now where he asks, "Read books, Mama?" We fit it in whenever but mostly right before bedtime.

Jennifer said...

Good job! I think that I've kept my goals this week as well.