Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WFMW: Paper Plate Puke and Poop Pick-Up

(Updated below/correction from Da Hubby)

(How's that post title for alliteration? LOL Don't try THAT at home...I'm a professional! *wink*)

Actually, this is something Da Hubby showed me so I can look like a smart mommy. Where he learned and WHY he learned it have remained unclear but it DEFINITELY works for me...

His solution to poop, puke, or other "soft solids" pick-up from hardwood floors and even carpet? Two paper plates! After a couple go-rounds with rotovirus, stomach bugs, and feisty toddlers in high chairs throwing food, this solution works for all!

Think one as a dustpan and one as a "scoop" of sorts and you will find 95% of the mess is cleaned up on the first pass-by. No tons of paper towel, no washing several clean-up towels...just paper plates.

Thanks babe! You ROCK! And, don't' forget to stop by Shannon's site today for more terrific tips for tackling today's and tomorrow's troubles (tee-hee)!

Grrr...Da Hubby ck'd out this post and reminded me that it is actually card stock or copy paper that works best for this! Sorry, babe...let the alliteration get the best of me!


julie said...

That is a great idea. I am sure to be trying it soon as the yuk's are going for round 2 at our house.


Myfriendconnie said...

Good to know! Thanks!

Kelley said...

I could've used this the other night at my friend's birthday party!

Great idea - thanks for sharing! And thanks for stopping by my site too.

Denise said...

Great idea, thanks.

Beth said...

thanks for commenting on my blog today. You asked about washing soda. I found it in the laundry aisle at Kroger. Walmart did not carry it. It is similar to baking soda- some recipes for detergent use baking soda instead.

Hope this helps.