Monday, February 12, 2007

The Weekend - Story Two in a Series

So, Friday night concluded with everyone in the pool playing or hanging out in the dining room visiting - including #2 who was definitely enjoying his first big pool adventure.

So, to bed Friday night but up Saturday morning...nearly 2 hours early! *sigh* So, we're stuck awake with two kids under 3 at 7am, hungry in a B&B full of couples away for Valentine's weekend...and breakfast isn't served 'til 9am! The kids usually sleep later than that - especially when we've been away, traveling, or just generally up late which we had done all three. Never anticipated that they'd be up at 6:30am raring to go!

While the kids are wandering looking for something to do, we're trying to keep them busy (and quiet). We think we're safe for a few minutes and Da Hubby and I attempt to get cleaned up ourselves. We only took our eyes off them for a minute then...

*THUD* (something heavy)

*CRASH* (something shattering)

*WWAAHH!!* (#2 crying)

By the time I can get around the bed to him, he's got blood pouring down between his eyes from somewhere on his head. And what I see on the floor is an intact ceramic pitcher with dried flowers now-scattered on the floor but broken pieces of the ceramic plate/shallow bowl is WAS sitting on on top of the TV.

He had been apparently shaking the TV table legs and the pitcher and plate had fallen from about 5 feet in the air.

So, while Da Hubby is rushing to get #1 dressed because he is SURE we now have to go to the ER, I apply pressure and try to get #2 to stop screaming so I can assess the rest of him. No other apparent cuts, no other apparent "goose eggs" rising up. And, after about 30 seconds of pressure, the bleeding had stopped and #2 was down to the gurgly, hiccup, post-crying stage. So, we decided not to go to ER but got the kids out of the room and down into the common areas...only to have to come back up to the room because the owner was basically chasing us around the house saying "we have guests *right* above you" while looking pitifully at #2 crying.

What you see at the right is a barely perceptible spot straight up from his nose in his hairline - that's the scab. That bruise over his left eye? Oh, he did that before we left on Friday! Is this what life with a boy is gonna be like? LOL


Lisa said...

WOW! You guys know how to have a good time!! :-)
Poor little guy! Glad it was nothing serious! We always need vacations after our vacations!! Sounds like you might as well!

Have a great day!!

sara said...

yup, that's what it's like with Jack. Nearly every day, often more than once a day, usually right before my very eyes, he manages to bump, bruise or scrape something. Sounds like you were nice and calm. Head cuts bleed a lot and so can be scary - but they're not USUALLY serious.

Debbie said...

About the boy question, yes. Seems like there is something all the time! *sigh*

Denise said...

Bless your heart, what a weekend.