Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank

This is my first Thursday Thanks Tank. To be honest, I should have started earlier. Thinking back, it should have been one of those things I promised to do around New Year’s. LOL Seriously, I often find that my ADD gets me so caught up in the minutia of daily “stuff” that I often lose the “bigger picture.” I’m frequently overwhelmed by the details and fine print of life without looking at all I already have to be thankful for.

In a week filled with sick kids and sleepless nights, the simple things of comfort have filled my tank this week:

Caffeine – enough said? LOL

Humidifiers/Fleece pajamas – comfort for the kids is comfort to a mom’s mind

On-call pediatrician, the RN call-in line, antibiotics, and health insurance – more peace to a tired mother’s state of mind

Tandem naptimes – the comfort of a quiet, uninterrupted shower

Da Hubby: someone who takes one look at me as he comes in the door and then watches kids so I can go to midweek service, and who deals with garbage, broken appliances and ever-growing snow banks and ice slicks.

Grandparents/Church family: their conversations, advice, and prayers got me through the week

Da Hubby’s job: God has blessed Da Hubby with a job (despite its uncertainties) that allows me to stay home, have reliable transportation, and things around me (like the computer) that make my life easier.

Bread machine/new pans: small and silly but a loaf of bread baking and new sparkly pans cooking a home-cooked meal…our definition of “comfort”

The Blood – the miracle of my body’s blood and all it does but, more importantly, the miracle of His blood covering His Body.

Those are mine. Go to Just Peachy for others...


Peach said...

Thanks so much for jumping on board. I loved the "tandem naps". I used to love mine in groups when we had 3 aged four and under. What bliss for any mommy to hear the quiet of her house during nap time! Hope the shower was a long, relaxed one.

I'll be praying for everyone to feel better soon.

Denise said...

Enjoyed reading your thankful list.