Friday, March 14, 2008

Sweetest Sound a momma's ears who was worried about her "late talking" boy:

While cleaning up before bed, Momma sings the first line ala Barney: "I'm a happy helper..."

And, Pojke responds clear as a bell: "I know wha to doo..."

(He's lucky he's so cute and so smart 'cuz the little pillager woke the house up this morning at 3am due to ear/tooth pain and Momma fell asleep on the floor in his room 'til 5am! *wink*)

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Unashamed said...

Brent was a late talker too, but he's quite well spoken now. He has this funny, quirky way of speaking - he's quite quick with language and is always coming up with an interesting turn of phrase. Don't worry, they catch up, lol!