Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today's Walgreen's Trip

Thought I'd share how I did at Walgreen's today. I know Lisa will approve! *wink*

Two Jane brand makeups: originally $3.99 each with BOGO sale and 2/$2 off coupons: FREE

Two children's acetaminophen and one sleep aid: originally $4.99 each - after sale ($3.99) and rebate: $2.32 each

Colgate toothpaste: free after rebate plus a .75 manufacture coupon = .75 overage

Minus a $5 register reward coupon

So, out of pocket today: 10.02 - pending $5 rebate = $5.02 for an original $22.74 worth of merchandise!

*big smile*


Lisa said...

Oh yeah!! Great job!!! Isn't it fun??

Debbie said...

You girls are so good at this! I'm proud of ya!

Katrina said...

I'm impressed! I've just started the whole couponing thing and am amazed at what some time, organization, and information can do to my grocery budget!