Friday, March 28, 2008

Praise Report!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Those of you who took Peggy before the Throne did a wonderful thing!

I hit "enter" for that post last night, we loaded the kids in the van, and were en route to church when the phone rang. DaGrandma was calling - they were on the way home from Chicago and...

The test results came in.

Bone marrow? CANCER-FREE! No leukemia cells found!
Staph infection? NOPE!

This is VERY good news!

From the last two posts Peggy's husband put on their CarePages blog:

Last night: "...the chemo worked it killed all the White Blood cells Good and Bad ...But Peggy will need another Bone Marrow Test maybe next Thursday to make sure the good ones are being rebuilt. Although the Doctor fully thinks everything is going good. He said it might not seem like she should have the high fevers but that is normal for any one who has went though as much Chemo as Peggy. The Infection has be identified as a small pc of dead skin that got in her line and caused the infection. It happens everyday to people but the immune systems can fight it off.Peggy at this point has no immune system. They have killed the infection culture in the lab with the Antibiotics they are giving her. So Doctor thinks the Antibiotics should do the trick. So we are waiting now for the White Blood Counts to go up and the fevers to cease then we can go home for a couple of weeks."

This morning: "Well last night was a good night... Only had a couple of fevers but I think they were only like 100.5 Which is real good considering what she was having. They have introduce lactic (lasix?) to get rid of Fluids...The white Blood Count went up to .04 this morning so that is good.. We are on the way to recovery!!!"

Again, thanks to everyone who prayed. We really appreciate it. She still has weeks to go in the hospital (according to DaGrandma) but this is much needed good news.


Pam said...

Wonderful news, Beth! Prayers still going up.

Debbie said...

There is NOTHING slack about our God!!!

Anonymous said...