Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bloggy Break

Have several pending projects getting neglected, time with the kids pushed aside, cleaning that needs to be done, and our Easter celebrations/services to focus on.

In addition, DaHubby and I start facilitating Financial Peace University tonight at our church.

Finally, we've been informed one of the four of my hubby's siblings tested to be a bone marrow donor for their sister, Peggy, appears to be a match but they are not revealing who yet as more in-depth testing is being done. So, we're waiting on the call and want to be prepared to drop everything to go over to Chicago.

So, gonna take a bloggy break at least until Monday. (I'll post the final exercise challenge tomorrow but will not be checking to update the ticker until Monday or so.)

Everyone have a lovely, joyous, and celebratory Easter/Resurrection Sunday!

He is risen...He is risen INDEED!


Karen said...

Have a great break! Enjoy your Easter weekend!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Beth! I'll be back tomorrow to check in. Just out of curiosity, are you doing another challenge?

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful that one of the siblings is a match. How is Peggy doing? I've been thinking of your family. ~Melanie