Tuesday, March 11, 2008


That's the number of blog entries I had in my Bloglines notifier this morning. I had over 100 emails in my 4 email accounts. I've got a home visit coming in two hours. Two babies acting "funny" - hoping it's not another round of illness. And, I have to go grocery chopping a day early due to plan tomorrow.

Chicago went well. No news on the medical side - more of a sit-and-wait and we'll-call-you situation. I have a TON of pics which I'll try to post later. The touristy side went well too. The Vikings seemed to have a blast and we got home just at dinner time...so a hot meal (we took a picnic lunch with us ala Dave Ramsey and out no eating out policy), a bath, and the Vikings were in bed by 9pm.

I'll check in later today once I get the laundry, the cleaning, and my electronic life caught up! *wink*

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