Monday, March 31, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Contest Post

I'm intrigued by this book and thought I'd enter a giveaway so I can peruse it in my "free time."

I know some Christians have issues with yoga and the things it is traditionally associated with and based in. However, as I attempted in 1998 to self-manage my then-new ADD diagnosis since I was initially against taking medication for it, I have to say that effects of the type of yoga I took at a local recreation center were exactly what its advocates claim...calmness, focused-ness, less stress, more body awareness which assisted with some weight loss at the time.

I still love it but haven't done it in years. And, I wouldn't mind seeing what this book says about using it with little ones who are ALL ABOUT needing some more body awareness as their bodies grow and grow and grow! LOL

If interested, stop by and read more about Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers.


Carmen Andres said...

beth, i have enjoyed my stints with yoga as well. i get why some folks are concerned about it from the christian perspective, but i also see how it can be used as a christian spiritual discipline as well. let us know how it goes! maybe i'll join you, heh, though my little ones are getting a little too big.

GiBee said...

Beth, I know a church abut 30 minutes away from me that has Christian Yoga classes.

I don't think there is a problem with Yoga, per se... but it IS a spiritual concept of the far East. Yoga means "the yoking of all the powers of body, mind and soul to God; it means the disciplining of the intellect, the mind, the emotions, and the will-power."

I agree with Carmen, that it can be used as a Christian spiritual discipline. I think the problem comes in when we take our focus off of God, and begin to focus our body, mind and soul on other gods.

Knowing you, I think you can TOTALLY do yoga and focus on God at the same time! I say go for it!!! I would be interested to know how it goes!