Monday, December 3, 2007

A struggle: ideal vs. reality

Well, the Christmas tree is up. Just the tree. Plain. Prelit but no decorations yet. Unfortunately, since Saturday the on-going battle brewing over what to touch, not to touch, etc. has already become exhausting and I haven't placed a single thing on the tree.

DaGrandparents gave Flicka a fake white 3 ft tall tree which she has decorated with candy canes, plastic bulbs w/ribbon hangers (none of the wire ornament hangers which give DaHubby nightmares with the Vikings around), and a paper chain that now is proudly displayed in her room on top of her dresser.

And, DaHubby and I sat staring at the tree yesterday...just dreading decorating it *sigh*

Not exactly the spirit of the season, huh? LOL

So, we thought about it and realized that the kids are fascinated with the tree as is. And, maybe we'll just pull out the paper chains, make some applesauce ornaments, thread some cranberries and mini-marshmellows (instead of messy popcorn), pull out the train for around the bottom, things like that and just make the tree more kid-friendly this year.

Not the image I had in my mind (I'm gonna miss my grandma's china bells this year) but motherhood is all about flexibility and creative solutions, right? LOL


Anonymous said...

The kid friendly tree sounds homey and charming. Grandma's china bells could always be hung from a garland draped over an archway...

sara said...

ugh. That's me up there.

- sara