Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Past, Present, and Future

In Christmases past, it was all about the gifts. Whether I had the money or not, gifts HAD to be given. Two for each of my four parents (mom, step-dad, dad, and step-mom). My sisters who entered this world too early and were able to be held in one hand and are now taller than me, more talented than me, and more beautiful! LOL My three best girlfriends and their six children.

Then, with the addition of for him and all his siblings, their spouses, their kids, and their kids' kids! LOL Then, the Vikings arrived.

DaHubby and I were reflecting the last few weeks about our former gift giving. He shopped exclusively at Lowes for me last year. *eyes rolling* I am still using an amazingly durable purse he gave me in 2004. I've given him "toys" he destroyed, lost, broken, and forgot the Air Hog plane he flew off into Lake Michigan about the third time he used it.

This year - we're not giving gifts to each other. And, I took two gifts baskets filled with cookies, meat rubs, canned tomatoes, and freezer salsa and a forced flower bulb which is due to bloom tomorrow to each of my parents' homes the last two weekends. I bought Flicka's single present on Ebay months ago. I picked up one gift for Pojke using a $10 off coupon at Target Friday night. And, I have one flower bulb left for my MIL and no gifts for the Vikings plethora of cousins.

A month or so ago, DaHubby and I started this mantra over-and-over of "just what 'til NEXT Christmas." But, it dawned on us in the last week. This Christmas - despite the frugality, the budgets, the homemade Christmas cards, the homemade gifts, and even the initial embarrassment of not being able to afford more - has been one of our best.

The tree doesn't look like something out of a magazine - but the Vikings decorated it and it is safe for them to enjoy. I wasn't able to buy gifts - but my home smells amazing from all the baking and cooking! LOL We've done more stuff together as a family this year than any other year so far. DaHubby can only take today and tomorrow off but that's still a FOUR-day weekend! The van's on fumes but I got to see both sets of my parents and my sisters. I have a set of in-laws who seem to like havin' me and the Vikings around (LOL) and I get to eat Swedish potato sausage with the whole, loud, crazy bunch of them this evening.

What more do I need? What could I consider missing?

So, when DaHubby mentioned again lately "just wait 'til next year" I found myself hesitating.

Thus, for Christmases in the future, the silver lining learned from this year? A reminder that IT'S NOT ABOUT THE STUFF! And, as I teared up watching Flicka in her first Christmas pageant, that it's about that little baby in the manger! So while next year may be include more financial peace, we will remember this Christmas and walk in the Truth of the season.

Blessings to you all! Have a wonder-filled, happy Christmas!


sara said...

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for sharing the lessons you've learned!

Melanie said...

As fellow FPU graduates, we did the same thing this year and now feel the same way. Simple was awesome. One of the best Christmas' yet!