Thursday, December 27, 2007

A New Christmas Tradition LOL

We spent/are spending this Christmas much like last Christmas - with sick kids. LOL The upside? It's just colds this time without the pukies. So along with more toys than any one (or two) children should have, we have more green boogers! *wink*

But, we weren't the only ones dealing with it. DaGrandpa arose at 5am Christmas Eve morn to make our traditional several pounds of handmade, homemade, self-ground, self-stuffed Swedish potato sausage and *ahem* couldn't stay outta the bathroom for more than 10 minutes. So, the two local aunties mobilized and our dinner was saved! The result:

And, following THAT dinner, there was the toy explosion in the basement which benefited the Vikings greatly! LOL (And, that would be me refereeing between Pojke's two new truck and Flicka's new Barbie car! *wink*)

Right after this is when Pojke started getting flush and it occurred to me that, while he was drinking lots of fluids, he hadn't eaten anything of significance. So, we scooted everyone off home to bed. Both conked out on the way home so please ignore the fact that on Cmas morn, my daughter was still in her dress and using it as a nightgown! LOL

This is how poor Pojke woke up Cmas morn...with his sister stuffing presents in his face! LOL

Flicka is handing him the Praise Baby video I won for both of them in a giveaway at Shannon's site. Flicka seemed to enjoy her Leap Frog desk I got off Ebay a few months ago. And, Pojke continues to stuff the play money in his Fisher Price "learn your numbers, colors, songs while stuffing money in it" piggy bank! LOL

And, not to be forgotten...since I neglected to post about the trips to each of my parents' homes...they SO blessed the kids with wonderful stuff as well: kid camera, clothes, bath toys, play rugs, tool kits, coloring books, flashlight, candy, play-doh, books, race car tracks...the list goes on.

My mom's side of the family takes turns throwing the Cmas party. This year was my mom's turn and we met at her local recreation center where we were able to use the indoor water park! I got to see nearly all my cousins whom I generally see about twice year. It has been a weird transition for me to see our parents' generation become grandparents and all of us "little kids" become 30 and 40 year olds with kids! LOL

Then, the next weekend, we got to see my dad, step-mom and both sisters. Still some upheaval being settled with regards to my one sister's car accident, the resulting legal stuff, and resulting health-related stuff. But, my sisters looked great and my dad and step-mom seem to be hanging in there.

It has been a very busy but blessed two weeks!

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Go Grandpa!!!!