Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thinking about exercise goals lately...

Exercising in Michigan in the winter without a gym membership stinks! LOL Especially if you're not the skiing/hiking/winter-loving type like DaHubby. So each winter brings me extra pounds as my summer loving self can't go for long walks.

But as Sara and Lisa have done, I'm thinking about exercise goals for 2008.
And, in the interest of fun and accountability, I've offered to be "home central" to a short exercise challenge to get us through to the beginning of spring.

While most experts claim that it takes 90 days to start a new habit, this challenge is only 70 long. I'm hoping a shorter time will encourage us more to stick with it and that more of us will feel successful. And, like our Financial Peace Univeristy experience, baby steps get things accomplished! LOL And, if ya can do it for ten weeks, can't ya do it for more? Honestly? *wink*

So, I'm thinking...looking for opportunities to create realistic and achieveable goals and the baby steps to get there.
One of mine was to walk indoors with the "old folks" at the mall. But, it's a bit of a hike, early in the morning, and what the heck do I do with the Vikings? Yea, I'll get the exercise...CHASING them around the mall, through the stores, etc! LOL

Then, I saw in our local paper that our local high school (which just recently built a large "field house" to replace and expand their small 1950's era gym) allows the community to walk laps from 6:30 - 8:30pm for free. And, DaHubby agreed to walk with me at least once a week! Yippee! So, one step closer to making a goal.

What are YOU doing for exercise in the New Year? Wanna join us? Grab the button above and start considering what you would like to accomplish between January 11th and the first day of Spring!


Unashamed said...

I'm gonna get back on the treadmill. Moving it upstairs from the basement will be key here...

sara said...

Hey, I can't get the button to work. Any ideas?go

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...


Sorry - the button isn't hyperlinked yet. It is still just a jpeg/picture only.

When you see it in my right side column, it'll be all set for linkage!

If I get a sec before we leave for Detroit again tomorrow, I'll fix that up for you!

sara said...

Yeah, it turns out the image was just too big. I don't have software that would resize properly. But I am just so talented - I jumped through some hoops, made my email editor resize the image, then emailed to my yahoo account, was able to drag & drop the thumbnail and voila! Then I had the pleasure of trying to figure out putting an image with a link into my sidebar. I hope I remember all this stuff next time.

Denise said...

Count me in sweetie. I am going to start walking again, on my treadmill, and outside.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Sara, I re-sized/shrunk it two more times myself. If you have time, maybe try it again with the one in the right column now.

Anonymous said...

count me in I use to be good at walking up until a couple of months ago then I let it go again . . . :(
still this will me motivate me to get back into it

Jen at

Lisa said...

I'm in!! It'll be fun to work out "together"!! I don't know how to put the button on my page as a link except in a post. Any suggestions??

Merry Christmas!!

Alice Teh said...

I'm joining in the fun too! Found you through Jen of

Cal said...

Can a dad join or is it just for moms? I need to get in shape too and every New Year I go back to Weight watchers and start exercising again.

Living Beyond said...

Fabulous - I am going to get out my "walk Away The Pounds" dvd's and get walking I can chhose from 1,3 or 5 mile walks - so thanks for the push to get moving.
Merry Christmas!

Shelby said...

We got the Total Gym set up over weekend, it's ready to go! I'm excited!

Gina said...

Hi! This is my first time to your site. I noticed the greetings at the top, one of them being Norwegian! I grew up part of my childhood, in Oslo Norway!

I've been on the treadmill for a few years now, but Ithink it's time to increase my workout. I really need it!

God bless