Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Homeschool Peek

So, we started another month of schoolin' today. Our "mess" for today:

*We sang our days of the week song...a new Flicka favorite.
*Visual alphabet review A thru S
*Letter tracing - hand/eye, small motor - A thru S
*Talked about letter S...sound it makes...
*And, what are *these*? Stars!
*Count them
*Flash cards to match to green paper/yellow stars - what number is *this*?
*Flash cards then in order
*You stamp stars while I...
*Get applesauce ornament dough rolled out and we cut out...stars!
*While she's rolling and cutting, I read "Star Climbing."

Yea, I know...normally, I wouldn't let her do her schoolin' in her PJ's but I'm at a bit of a loss right now! LOL

We've got 8 days scheduled this month with our last one on Thursday the 20th. Then, we'll pick back up January 3rd. We have two mini-units: four days of "sparkles and lights", one day spent celebrating St Lucia Day, and then three days "formally" on Christmas. While I normally have a Bible memorization verse per unit, we're skipping it due the the heavy amount of learning and "reading" of the Christmas story she's getting this month! LOL

My outline for the month can be seen here.

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Dana said...

Hey, we just got a recipe for that applesauce ornament dough from the Y! How cool!

It sound like you are off to a great start for December...we used to sing the Days of the Week to the tune of the Addam's Family. The children loved it!

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