Thursday, December 27, 2007

A survey of sorts...

Hypothetically, of course

In the interest of frugality only *wink*

Has anyone needed to save on a haircut and actually let their local beauty college do it for a discount or free?

If so, how did it turn out? LOL

Just curious, of course


Kacie said...

I live really close to a beauty college, and I'm considering getting my hair cut there.

If it's terrible, well, I can live with a bad haircut for a month or two until it grows enough to get fixed.

But ya know what? I bet they do a fine job. They're being graded by their teachers/bosses, and if you aren't satisfied, you can have their more-trained supervisor correct it for you.

Yup, that settles it for me, my next haircut will be at the beauty school :)

sara said...

In the interest of frugality I just let my hair grow until I can't take it anymore.

For Christmas, John bought me the dummy haircutting book and another one that I can't remember the name of so hopefully, Jack's hair will stop looking like it's been cut with the lawn mower.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Sara - I'm already there! LOL Grandma and I have been trimming the kids' bangs so far and I have had only 2 haircuts in 2007! LOL

But, Pojke needs his uneven toddler fuzz curls cut the first time and I can't take mine in my eyes, mouth, or face anymore! LOL

Thanks ladies!

Shelby said...

Actually my daughter is a high school student at Vo-Tech Cosmotology, and they do a lot of walk-in's from the community. They also do colors, highlights, etc.. for a fraction of the price. You do have to go in the day before for any perms, colors (so they can do a 24 hour color/perm test); but can't beat the prices. And yes, the teacher checks frequently, so it does take a little while longer than your traditional hair appointment. Wish I lived closer (I'm 45 minutes away from closest beauty school), or I would DEFINITLY take advantage of savings!
I commend you on your efforts to S-T-R-E-T-C-H the dollar!

sara said...

big milestone, cutting off the baby curls.

I gave Jack his first haircut on his first birthday and it was a "trial by fire." a moving, screaming one-year-old is not a great haircutting practice subject. He's lucky to still have his ears. If John hadn't been helping me it would have been bloody.

Let me know how the beauty school goes!

Melanie said...

I get my hair cut once a year ... if that. haha! I go to the Beauty College. Costs $8 including tip (or so). Can't beat that!!! I buzz the boys' hair myself (although we're growing Ryan's out longer now...not sure how long I can cut it myself) and A at age 2 hasn't had a haircut yet.

My mom goes there to get her hair cut and colored. She usually leaves pleased (just the color part frustrates her sometimes).

janice said...

For many years I worked for Matrix Essentials, the haircare company, and we had an onsite salon. Mostly to test new perms and colors on different typs of hair. Rarely was cutting or styling involved, but they never had someone leave bald or looking like they stuck a finger in a light socket.

Go for it!

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Good for you for all of your cutting back to save. I'm so impressed. It's inspiring!

My parents-in-law have gone to their local beauty college for years to get their hair cut (and she also used to get perms). They were rarely dissapointed, and if they didn't like it, the college would re-do it for free :) Now THAT'S a good price ;)

Happy New Year!

Kathy D.