Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Am I blessed or what?

DaHubby called about an hour ago. We'd been talking about starting to save for a twin mattress for Flicka which would also initiate the change for Pojke to get out of the crib. We've been watching the paper, trolling our local Freecycle, etc. looking for the mattress, the frame, maybe a headboard. DaHubby's sister, Auntie S, offered us the headboard she painted for the nieces many years ago that have been in storage...

"Do you want a white or pink one?"

"What?" (I'm ever the witty conversationalist.)

"(Auntie S) wants to know - do you want a pink or white bed for (Flicka)?"

Gut reaction - "White since it'll go with whatever we pick out color-wise over the years."

"OK, hold on."

And, I hear mumbling and a conversation going on in the background. DaHubby is talking on the land line at work while talking to me on the cell.
DaHubby comes back on the line. His voice is very soft. He said he was flabbergasted. Auntie S had just purchased a brand new pillow-top twin mattress set and was having it delivered today!

*stunned silence*

I had barely hung up the phone and the furniture store called. They were here within 15 minutes! The headboard Auntie S chose is on order but the frame, box spring and mattress are now in Flicka's room!
Too bad we don't have any sheets yet! LOL I haven't had a twin in over 15 years! But, Flicka doesn't seem to mind. *wink*

She's already refused to sleep in her current toddler bed in the meantime (sheets or not) and Pojke's already claimed that bed as "MINE!" So the bed's have changed rooms!

And, I am feeling so very blessed. What an awesome surprise!


Lisa said...

God is SO GOOD!! Praising Him with you my dear friend!!

Anonymous said...

Must be a sappy day for me. I'm so excited for you guys! What an awesome gift. YAY! I think I extra twin have sheets, but they aren't very girly. Boys superhero stuff... ~ Mel