Monday, December 31, 2007

Five New Things

Our church had a New Year's Eve EVE service last night! *wink* Pastor gave us tonight off! LOL But, in addition to a candlelit responsive reading and communion (which we normally take on first Sundays), Pastor Don gave a wonderful list I wanted to share with y'all!

Five New Things For the New Year

1. A new song! Place a new song in your heart. No defeatism, no loss, no negativity but be full of joy, victory, faith, and love!

2. A new heart! (Ezek 36.26) Have one full of love, compassion, and kindness.

3. A new spirit (again Ezek 36.26)

4. A new covenant (Jer 31.31) And, remember that He is a God of promises fulfilled!

5. A new name! (Rev 2.17) Remember you are NEW in Christ - born again! You have no obligation to response to your old name. Old things have passed away!

Finally, Pastor shared with us a small peek of what's been on his mind lately. In 2007, the church purchased a large chunk of land a mile or two away in anticipation of a new building in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

But, Pastor wants us to keep our eyes on the Prize, so to speak.

We will obey God. We will build what He wants, the size He wants, where He wants it, how He wants it, and in His timing. And, no matter what, Pastor doesn't want us to be "the church with the big building" or "the church with the pretty sanctuary" or "the building with the huge parking lot". His goal for us? His dream for our church?

That we be a praying church. That we be known as a church who prays and things happen! A church where people get delivered from their pasts and go forward to do their called work for the Kingdom of God.

How could I NOT get behind an earthly shepherd like that?! LOL


Anonymous said...


Happy New Years
blessings now and always to you and yours

Jen at

Shelby said...

I know I am just a tad (ha ha) partial to your pastor, but I think he is definitly a modern day "David"; a man after God's own heart. Pastor D is an man of excellence; I'm so glad I have the privlidge of calling him "friend".
Happy New Year!