Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More digging out...and a prayer request

Still have more on my list than I have hours in the day and I'm fighting a SERIOUS procrastination/lazy bug right now! *wink* And, for those of you interested in an exercise commitment challenge, got the button done last night but I'm still kicking around the details in my currently-overstuffed brain. It won't technically start 'til after the New Year but I'll be blogging some more details and asking a few questions as soon as I can.

So, I'm still digging out/cleaning up from being gone this weekend. In addition...

Got our "family holiday open house" at 10am with all the families in our county's Parents as Teachers program a half hour from here.

Gotta take Flicka to DaGrandparents at lunch time

Got several errands to run - post office, a MOMS Club buddy, a grocery stop for juice and milk, etc.

Gotta organize for this weekend - we might be making another run over to the east side of the state to see my dad. Apparently the usually-two-hour-bad-weather-turned-it-into-five-hour drive last weekend wasn't enough abuse! LOL

Gotta see the chiropractor at 6pm

We graduate from Financial Peace University tonight! We're completing the class with $1000 in the bank and nearly $1000 paid off in debt in TWELVE weeks!

And, this on top of all the regular household things and crafty projects to finish for presents. *sigh*

And, to top off all this holiday "cheer" (LOL), DaHubby found out that his hours are being cut effective immediately until further notice. The week before Christmas - nice timing! :( If you could pray for God's peace and supply for the next few...days, weeks, whatever...as we tighten belts even further.

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Jill said...

Congratulations graduate! You've accomplished a lot in 12 weeks. We will keep you in our prayers regarding the job and finances.