Monday, December 17, 2007

What do y'all think? UPDATED

Lisa is starting her walking regiment. Sara started exercising to a home DVD. That's two of several of our Faithprints "alumni" group.

So, Anita, Marilee, Debbie and "self"...what do you think? How about all six or so of us start a little motivational challenge and exercise accountability thing? Even a small exercise goal? Got anything y'all would like to start to (at the minimum) get us through the winter "blahs"?

And, to everyone else...would you like to join something like this? While Lisa's goal is year-long, we could start with an exercise goal from New Years 'til the first day of spring or 'til Easter or 'til that time those of us stuck under cruddy winter weather can get outside. and about to get some always-an-improvement amount of exercise.

Updated: well, the first day of Spring will be around March 20th or 21st and Easter is on March 23rd this year according to WikiAnswers. How about setting a goal to achieve over the 11 weeks from January 6th to March 23rd? How appropriate we would be celebrating Christ's risen body with (hopefully) a more-fit one of our own! LOL


sara said...

ooooooo. i like that. What did you have in mind?

Unashamed said...

I'm in!

Shelby said...

Since you are opening this up to everyone; yes, count me in! We are in the process of converting our spare bedroom into an excerise room. We bought the Total Gym a couple of years ago, but had no real place to put it, so it has had little use. So...Yes, I would like to join in, and turn my "flab: into "fab"! I need to be accountable to someone, or it won't work for me (tried many times before, and failed).

Undeserving said...

Thanks - this is great! I want to try a small goal first, it's more realistic for me. My goal is to do some kind of excercise for 20 min 3 days a week. I need a variety so some days I might walk, put in an excercise video, swim, or use some equipment at the YMCA. Of course if I swim I'll be in the pool for a couple of hours but I will focus at least 20 min on continous swimming for excercise.

I really need this! Thank you so much for including me!!! I feel privileged to be part of the "alumni"!!!

BTW - anyone ever know what happened to "Sniffles?"

Love you, Marilee

Anonymous said...

I would really like to join in on this!

Anonymous said...

Shelby, I just saw that you have the total gym! We have one and LOVE it. We have gotten so much use out of it in the 5 years we have had it. It has helped to shed pounds and inches from my body.

Shelby said...


Thank you! This gives me so much encouragement to get everything moved out of the spare bedroom. Ohhhh! To lose inches, and pounds; I'm excited about this! I plan to use it (The Total Gym) four days per week, plus increase intake of water. May add more goals later.