Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday

It was one of those evenings last night. Flicka had been gone all day at DaGrandparents house - filled with all the food and sugar she wanted and she proudly declared that she had had no nap.

Pojke was past his bedtime and having a "momma-clingy" day. Bedtime preparations were a nightmare; routine wasn't helping. He
had a dry butt, clean PJ's, teeth brushed...and stood screaming in the crib.

We were hustling Flicka around the house cleaning up the last of her debris. LOL Got her changed, cleaned up, and all appropriate parts brushed and Pojke was still crying.

DaHubby's been working on a project for Etsy that needed attention and had to go out to the garage for the next step leaving me alone with the Vikings...so we tandem rocked. An old favorite for both that we rarely do anymore. The Vikings are getting so big that all three of us b-a-r-e-l-y fit in the rocking chair that my mom rocked ME in! LOL

Pojke still would not quit whimpering and boo-boo-lipping. So, Flicka did another one of those things that makes me hold me breath in its perfectness...

She sang him a song...a made up one...about baby Jesus. TWO verses. LOL I wish I remembered all the words. I DO remember..."_________, don't worry, God is here...He'll protect us."


What started out as a potentially horrendous bedtime turned into the best one in ages!

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Beth said...

That is sooooo sweet. It's fun to watch my 3 year-old twins comfort each other. Little ones have a wonderful way of doing that.

Kelly - PTT said...

What a doll! I love that. Thanks for joining us again - I like your "star" lesson in homeschooling too!