Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bloggy Brain Block

Since even DaHubby's has mentioned my absence here, I thought I'd drop in for a sec...

We are all fine. Actually, we are great! Sniffles combined with dry inside furnace air has made our noses mildly uncomfortable but nothing major. Two wonderful days of angelic behavior from the Vikings...well, as nearly angelic as an almost 2 year old and almost 4 year old can manage! LOL

Finally got the tree covered in kid-friendly decorations...applesauce ornaments, paper chains, and Oriental Trading craft ornaments now cover the lower half of the tree - ya know the part that they can reach! LOL Each one a cute addition to the Fisher Price Little People manger scene! And, since our treetop angel was discovered broken (it is still unclear whether she came outta the storage box that way or it happened under the Vikings' supervision after the box was opened), my grandma's antique beaded butterflies adorn the top half out of their reach.

TONS of projects, decorations, gifts, etc. to complete not to mention travel plans for at least one weekend coming up. Finished Flicka's St Lucia costume last night...yes, that is an entire dress without a pattern from one yard of white polyester from someone who has less than 6 hours of sewing machine experience! LOL And, I hot glued her "candles" to her evergreen wreath/crown. She's less than thrilled but Pojke LOVES it! LOL

We've been discussing what kind of cake to make next week to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Flicka thinks He would also want balloons and presents! LOL And, her first Christmas pageant this Sunday morning. Then, our church Cmas party Sunday night.

Tonight is week 12 for Financial Peace University - and next week we graduate! WA-HOO! Then, it would appear that DaHubby (and I'm assuming I'll be helping out some) is starting the same classes at our church in February.

Just got done with a batch of "freezer salsa" with a batch of peanut brittle and meat rubs (down at the bottom of the page) left to go. Since we're foregoing traditional store-bought presents this year and I hate to go to either of my parents empty handed, I'm making up some homemade things for a small gift basket!

Not to mention Pojke's second birthday party coming up the week after New Years! We're going with the train theme and I'll be baking large numbers of small cakes in mini loaf pans for a train cake! LOL

Oh, and none of this has to do with the adult Bible study I'm prepping for, the reading challenge I'm trying to finish, homeschooling, Ebaying for income, housework,...well, ya know the drill. I just haven't had time for any online "fun"!

I have been thinking of y'all, hoping your Advent and Christmas meditations and preparations are going well. Those of you traveling soon - be safe (we're in day 2 or 3 of freezing rain). I'll be back as soon as time and motivation allows!


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GiBee said...

The train cake sounds fabulous -- you MUST post pictures once you've made it.

Your parents will enjoy a homemade goodies basket. After all -- what do you get parents when they already have just about everything?

I've got a homemade fleece pashmina-shawl idea that I'd like to make (no sew -- just one cut and voila -- instant shawl). Let me know if you're interested.