Friday, December 14, 2007

As we walk out the door...a true miracle

We're leaving in about 30 minutes for the Detroit area. We're having my mom's side of the family's annual Cmas party tomorrow. But, I just couldn't leave without sharing this...

Remember the last week of October, I shared a prayer request for an elder of our church. Short review? He is a 60-something year old in excellent shape who was cleaning his gutters out. His wife was outta town. He doesn't normally carry his cell phone while doing work around their home but this time, for "some" reason, he did.

And, then he fell. From roof height. Onto the ladder.

He was unable to move his legs on scene. According to DaHubby who saw him in the ER, he was incredible pain. Brother K managed to call 911 and they got the ambulance en route. The initial report from the ER - his back was broke and/or shattered vertebrae in three places and, while they couldn't say for sure, the feeling was he would probably never walk again.

Three weeks later, his wife fell on the ice and broke her ankle. So bad that surgery was required to fix it.

Yet, what is impossible with man is ALWAYS possible with God!

Last Sunday, S-I-X weeks after the initial accident....

They walked into church. It's wasn't "pretty" (as Brother K put it) but they were both there!

Our church went crazy! LOL Laughing. Applause. Crying. Praising. The entire church lined up for hugs. They testified after praise and worship and it started all over again!

My heart was (and still is) so full it wants to burst!

During this season, during 2008, remember...

What is impossible with man is ALWAYS possible with God! *wink*

See y'all on Monday!

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sara said...

Praise God!

have a great time with the family.