Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh YES I did!

Last night, I'm rocking/snuggling Pojke before bed. With his last two nights spent in the big boy bed, out "routine" is a little off and taking a little longer as we convince him to give it another try.

While I'm singing one of his favorites, I happened to glance over and realize we were low on diapers and made a mental note that there were probably three in the holder-thingy we use, maybe one in the diaper bag and that I should get some while we'd be out doing our payday shopping today.


Pojke wakes up at 5am, I change him. Diaper #1

Won't go back to sleep. At 6am I give up and let him come out of his room. He's done his solid business, so to speak, so I change him. Diaper #2.

Flicka's up at 7am. At 7:30, it smells like something died in the house. Diaper #3.

And, I pray he doesn't have any more "solids" today.

10am. Solids. Clean him off and put him in the last swimmy diaper in the house.

10:15am He "liquid overflows" himself right outta that one.

And, there is NOT ONE diaper in the house!

So, I call DaHubby to help me brainstorm a solution that's absorbent AND somewhat waterproof.

And, thus results my son's future most embarassing moment (if he ever finds out). Let's put it this way...

Flicka's "delicates" + some self-adhesive womanly protection + a washcloth + duct tape!

THAT'S what got us to Family Dollar for diapers this morning! LOL


sara said...

LOL!!!!! OH Beth, you ARE SO resourceful!

janice said...

WOW, now that's what I call survival! Great idea..

Anonymous said...

ROFL GO YOU!!! You should have called me for diapers! Must be time to potty train?? :) - Melanie

Beth said...

What a hoot! I don't think I'd have ever thought of that one.