Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wire Cutters, Birthday Cake, and Puke Buckets

Just popping in amidst the chaos! LOL Three thoughts for you...

1. Da Hubby and I have officially become our parents (LOL)...sat up 'til 1am Christmas Eve getting boxes open, batteries inserted and cursing the toy manufacturers for using those infernal wire ties on everything! Grrr...armed with a pair of wire cutters and a Leatherman multi-tool, we "freed" all the toys before the sun came up! LOL

2. How sweet it was and how it made me get all teary to hear Viking #1 sing "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus before demolishing her piece of birthday cake last night! :)

3. We woke up to a toddler bed and a toddler covered in last night's dinner. *sigh* So, we're cancelling our trip to nearby family for Viking #1's first time on ice skates and making plans for large loads of laundry and a trip to Walgreens for clear fluids.

We hope everyone had a blessed and restful Christmas! Will check in again soon!


Unashamed said...

Aw...sorry to hear you little one isn't feeling well. Hope he is feeling better soon.

Lisa said...

Feel better little one!!!


Christina said...

Oh Beth, I am so sorry Viking #1 had the Christmas Pukies. As you know, Emily and I share your pain...and laundry. I'm still doing laundry because I'm trying to wash anything in her room. I'm a little puke-paranoid! At least you made it through Christmas.

Hope you are all feeling better ASAP and that no one else gets sick.

By the way, whatever is going around down in my neck of the woods seems to wear little ones out for quite a while. Emily is still kinda weak and tired, with less enery than normal. It has taken until today for her appetite to return (since last Thursday night.) I hope your little one makes a quicker recovery.

shortybear said...

Praying that your precious little one feels better very soon sweety.

sara said...

Did it wake her up? It almost sounds like she slept right through being sick.

she still feeling yucky? I hope it was a one shot deal. Jack sometimes pukes when he's had too much (too many sweets) to eat. I can see the look and usually whisk him away from the table before everyone's dinner is ruined.

Smart move with the wire cutters. And nice of you to do it BEFORE giving the gifts. My DH was up till 4:15 putting a toy together, wrapping my gifts and (I suspect) enjoying some quiet alone time with his cup of tea!

sara said...

Forgot to say that I've never experienced the first thing in the morning stuff. I thought diaper blowouts were bad.

Debbie said...

OH NOOOO.......I feel for you. I have experienced this in MY bed. I have learned that when they are not feeling well before bed and looks as if there will be puke involved, to keep a nice big towel under their head. It also protects the pillow and sheets.
About that wire, my hubs just told my son that the people the toy company has tying these things, have to be bored! You definitely need the wire cutter. I noticed the ones from walmart (kid connection) seem to be the most complicated. Imagine that! The cheap little cars not only had wire, they also had a flat clip to secure it. Double frustration!