Friday, October 19, 2007

Ya Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Where you are moving, running, sorting, cleaning, driving non-stop from the moment your feet hit the floor? Well, I had one yesterday. And, what's scary is that I was that busy despite having cleared some things from my schedule because I'm still fighting this cold and I thought Flicka and I could just hang out for a bit. Yea, right! LOL

This cold - while affecting no else in this household anymore - has caused me to get no more than 4 hours of sleep per night since last weekend...and not always four in a row...until last night...finally!

And, Flicka's behavior has been less than stellar lately...although, to be honest, mine hasn't been great either. So, I thought some one-on-one "momma time" might improve matters. did and it didn't.

Other than the 3 screaming/crying/choking tantrums before 10am and the two more right before bed - the middle of the day went fine! LOL

4:30am - 7:30am Momma chores (yes, you are reading that right. Once I got up for a glass of water and ANOTHER cough drop, I couldn't fall back asleep so I just got up and took a long steamy shower to clear my head.)

7:30am Vikings up and the tantrums begin

9:30am Both Vikings screaming due to some perceived slight in the backseat as we leave the house

10am drop off Pojke with DaGrandparents

10:30am-11:15am groceries at Aldis

11:15am-12n groceries at Hardings (and I got a week's groceries for under $50!! Wa-hoo!)

12-12:15pm Unpack groceries, pack lunches for both of us

12:30pm Momma's chiropractor appt

1:30pm Flicka's swimming lesson

2-3pm Driving out and back to drop off a meal for an older couple at church in need

3pm - Call DaGrandparents...Pojke's napping, right?...No? *sigh* need to bring him home early?...I'll be driving right by the exit, I'll come get him.

3:30pm Oops....I packed the last four diapers in the diaper bag this diapers at home...must stop at Dollar General.

4pm FINALLY! We're home...but no one has had a nap...I get hold of DaHubby on IM who offers to make dinner. PRAISE GOD! I L-O-V-E that man!

4:30-5:15pm Momentary peace...Vikings playing quietly...Momma sneaks off to read the paper in her room until...

5:15pm DADDY'S HOME! Chaos ensues.

6pm sweet man can put together a good meal!

7:30pm Vikings in tub

8pm "Care Bears" pre-bedtime 30 min video goes in

8:30pm the tantrums begin again

8:45pm the thunderstorm starts *sigh*

9pm Pojke's out cold

9:30pm FINALLY Flicka's asleep

What did Anita tell me once? To appreciate these times because they go by so quickly?! LOL Quickly? I feel like I'm riding in a blender!

Oh! And, did I mention?...While the Vikings were in the tub, DaHubby and I started filling out the very large, very thick life insurance packets that had arrived yesterday because...the insurance company's nurse will be here this morning at 10am to check us both out, draw blood, and give me an EKG (who knew that my ADD meds which are technically a class 2 drug and an amphetamine with a hefty heart attack risk would put me in a higher risk category than DaHubby's maintenance drugs for high BP and cholesterol).

Give me strength, Lord. I'm gonna need it....before I fall over! *wink*

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