Thursday, October 4, 2007

Christmas shopping already? *sigh*

Yes, it's true. Christmas is only 82 days from now. But, that also means it's only 11 paydays between now and then. And, one thing I'm learning about recently is planning w-a-y ahead for big purchases.

So, yes, I admit, I've already selected and received a Cmas gift via Ebay with thanks to my online earnings from blogging. A certain member of this household is addicted to all things Leap Frog and Tad-oriented so a small Leap Frog item is now resting comfortably on the top shelf of my kitchen panty.

But, the internet is SERIOUSLY gearing up for the holidays already and is no exception.

I've mentioned these folks before as a place where I search for online coupons, deals, sales, etc. They are adding new ones each day. So in the interest of my Cmas planning and hopefully in the interest of yours as well, I thought I'd list a few.

I had to laugh when I was looking for deals on things I could use for homeschooling and found some Edmunds Scientific deals that look like they'd make a better gift for DaHubby than for the Vikings! LOL

And, being the bibliophile I am and one that hopes to pass along this trait to the Vikings, I'm interested in how I could use these Scholastic Books coupons for items for Pojke and Flicka.

So, if you are an online shopper and if you're even close to being ready to consider your Cmas shopping yet, give those links a look see!

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