Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Viking Mommy Roller Coaster - UPDATED

(Updated: I'm also using this for my Thankful Thursday/Thursday Thanks Tank. For those looking for that, I know this is long but there are many moments within for which I'm thankful! LOL)

Yesterday turned out to be one of those up-and-down days. Kinda like
this day - where you feel like you are riding in a blender! LOL

First of all, thank you to everyone who comments, visited, and/or signed up for 30 Days of Thanksgiving I was so worried I wouldn't do Kari proud by getting at least a few folks to participate! *wink*

Second, thanks to my loyal regular cheerleading squad (yea, that's you Anita, Peach, and Debbie) for your sweet response to my FPU post from yesterday, too. You ladies have reached out with words and actions that back up the support you give me and it is very much appreciated.


My bubble got burst around dinner last night. Talk about Murphy's Law! LOL At least it didn't cost us anything! Except a little sleep and some "parental peace."

First, in the middle of eating dinner...the power goes out. Despite the typical Michigan "bipolar weather" we've been having lately (a few days of 80 degree sunny followed by a couple in the 50's with atrocious winds) thankfully, we normally are not affected. If we have any power issues, it is back on within the first few minutes 99% of the time. Not this time!

Let the hysterics and water-works begin! LOL Flicka worked herself into such a frenzy about it: the sun was going down, it was gonna be dark soon, her bedroom was gonna be *really* dark soon, what were we gonna do? Momma can't go get candles - they aren't safe. What are we gonna do? The batteries are dead in one of the flashlights. Oh me, oh my!

So, I ran out to get candles, gas for the Focus (hoping the gas station hadn't lost power too because I was on fumes waiting for DaHubby to get paid yesterday), a few things at the grocery store. Luckily, DaHubby called during that time and said the power had come back on. Praise God!

So, I get home and at this point we had missed midweek service. But, DaHubby still had praise and worship practice. So, off he went around 7:30pm. About forty-five minutes of "Lilo and Stitch" later and the Vikings got thrown in the tub for pre-bedtime preparations.

A half hour of soaking and pruning-up later - after repeated trips in there to check their safety and the water consumption on the bathroom floor - Pojke begins screaming. Not necessarily an immediate emergency usually. LOL Probably just a bath toy dispute. But, then...Flicka adds her screaming to the mix...telling me to come quick!

I find the two of them c-o-v-e-r-e-d in a half bottle of Suave shampoo...most of it over Pojke's head. He is absolutely slick with it and it is mostly in his eyes. Apparently, Flicka had climbed the edge of the tub, using the faucet as a brace for her 30+ pound body, to reach the shampoo. She's been such a momma lately that she wanted to wash his hair.

Instinctually, I grab Flicka and put her in the back of the tub, move Pojke to the front, and turn on fresh water to begin rinsing his eyes. Unknowingly, I create another problem...a huge, nearly-comic level of suds. Pojke's screaming. Now, Flicka's screaming. And, the water just doesn't seem to be helping fast enough. There is just too. much. shampoo! Everywhere. And, there's water. Everywhere. If we ranked bath time by the number of towels soaked, this would have been a 6 or 7 towel-er!

After about 10-15 minutes of rinsing Pojke is still. screaming. And, so is Flicka. So, I call DaHubby who thankfully is already on his way home after practice. It's takes until nearly 10pm to get everyone calmed down. Plus, I couldn't seem to shake the thought that rinsing with water wasn't enough so I called the on-call pediatrician. Because of Flicka's reaction to irritants and bug bites, we didn't want to wake up to a situation worse than when he went to bed.

Can I just say there is a VERY GOOD reason that the Vikings' pediatric practice is on my list for 30 Days of Thanksgiving!? I absolutely LOVE these docs! Especially the one who was on call...who also happened to be the one on call when Flicka ate the elastic string from one of those candy/Sweetart bracelets when she was about Pojke's age.

Anyway, Dr. S assured me that I did good and Pojke would be fine. He also suggested giving him some Benedryl for the night to ease the itching and make him comfortable enough to sleep. Praise God that all would be OK with that!

And, poor Flicka. She felt awful. She was really pitiful. And, didn't fall asleep until nearly 11:30pm. Not only was she was worried about Pojke but apparently she has seen too much newspaper and TV coverage of the California wildfires and has become worried about our risk of a house fire. *sigh*

Such big worries for such a little body.

So, we're hoping to start today with a fresh slate. She seems fine this morning despite the shortage of sleep and Pojke seems no worse for wear. I'm praying that God's peace will follow us through this day today...and that we will be aware of it, appreciative of it, and bask in it.


Peach said...

Bless her little heart. Being the mama isn't easy as a grown up, let alone at her age : )

So glad you have that on-call pediatrician. They are so helpful to the wild voices of mamas who are in crisis.

Hope Pojke is doing fine today.

Always glad to cheerlead, as long as I don't have to wear one of those short pleated skirts!

Diane said...

Oh my! What an adventure! Hope everyone is doing better today! Yup--it's a new day...fresh for more adventures!

Happy TT!


Nikki said...

I got your comment this time!! I left one for a friend the other day and it never even registered or showed up that she got one! Kind of strange. THe joy of computers! LOL! Thanks for letting me know you're there and that you saw I'm joining you!

Kathleen Marie said...

And God was with you through it all keeping you safe and warm and praise God you phones still worked... Technology can be wonderful.

God is so good...All the time!

Andrea said...

What an adventerous day you had! I'm sure I'll have my share of those as my son gets older yet! ;)

Marilee said...

Wow... that reminds me of an old Brady Bunch episode where the kids put WAY too much laundry soap in the washing machine and there was water and suds ALL over!!! That was probably a "100-toweler" lol.

When my kids were little I was always amazed at the things they thought of to do. But then... I'm sure I gave my mom a lot of things to be amazed about too, lol.

In the moment these things are definately trying and often exhausting, but years down the road you will look back on them and really enjoy talking through the memories with each other!

My mom always wrote this stuff down and put it in our baby books... how nice today we can store these memories electronically. SMILE

Love ya,

Unashamed said...

Apparently I haven't told you about the infamous "oatmeal incident" in our home...I'll have to blog about that some day. We laugh about it now, but...

Glad you all survived your adventure though!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Oh the messes they make...makes for fun memories though.

jen said...

hope u have a better day today

BTW Ive tagged u

Lynn said...


What a fun story. You wrote this so well. I am smiling and can just imagine all of this playing out in living color. Great post!

Crystal said...

Wow that is quite the adventure!
Thanks for joining in with this week's Thankful Thursday!