Friday, October 12, 2007

A little homeschool report...

Have I mentioned lately how much fun I am having? LOL And, Flicka seems to be enjoying it too! *wink*

Yesterday, we...

*practiced out new memory verse: "Where you go I will follow" Ruth 1.16
*recorded our weather (connected to a leaves and weather lesson from KidSparks) *read "Mary Had A little Lamb"...and mentioned that the lamb has four legs (why we did this will become clear in a few more lines! LOL)
*introduced a little donation bank (made of an empty tissue box and tin foil). We'll be collecting and/or saving pennies and loose change all month. The last week of October, we'll open it up and make or buy something for our local fire station since October is Fire Safety/Prevention Month.
*practiced writing 1 thru 4
*practiced recognizing A - H
*wrote out some of the above in white glue and added bird seed for an *ahem* interesting hands-on practice (and, Marilee...below that is the post-colored-pasta result! LOL) *while some Celtic fiddle music in the background (cultural heritage), we sorted a bag of M&M's by color, counted them, and then ATE THEM...
*as Momma read a story about apples going from baby trees to market
*we then read "Blueberries for Sal" as part of our BFIAR curriculum.
*that led into a discussion of "classifying" the animals we encountered in that book and in "Mary..." earlier *Read "Little Bo Peep" for one more classification example

Not bad for 45 minutes work! LOL


sara said...

Jack loves Blueberries and Make Way for Ducklings and One Morning in Maine.

sara said...

let me add that this is one more way that you amaze me. You're really tackling this with gusto and you both seem to be getting a lot out of it. Great job! I'm not sure I could be so organized right out of the gate. I am impressed.