Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Sweetness

In the interest of s-l-o-w-l-y increasing our "class time," this month we will do two mini-lessons on Saturdays. Today was the first...

For those that have asked about what do I do with Pojke...well, today he jumped right in with Flicka at the dining room table for our opener - coloring and practicing our I's

Then, we went outside to practice our numbers. Today, I was interested in her verbally counting to 11 but threw in seeing if she could ID them as well. I'd call out a number and she had to run and stand on it. Pojke got in on the action as well...running in circles in the driveway! LOL

Then, we took a walk around the block, picking up and counting leaves and ID-ing their colors, and then headed back home to where a hot iron and wax paper was waiting and...viola!

Crafty things to greet our visitors.
*sigh* I'm really likin' this homeschooling thing! LOL


Lisa said...

You are an awesome teacher, my friend!! The leaves are beautiful, too! Seeing your kids in coats makes me remember that Fall is here! Though it's drizzling outside right now, it's supposed to be 90 by Monday.


Lisa :-)

Marilee said...

That is wonderful!!! I wish I'd been in your class when I was a kid. (lol, that'd be really hard since I'm older than you... hehehe) but hey, we didn't have such fun learning when I was a kid. What a blessing homeschooling is.