Thursday, October 4, 2007

Financial Peace University

Well... One of the things we've been busy with...getting depressed about...worrying over...being convicted about...getting motivated about is our first two classes in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.

Several people have asked via email what exactly that's all about. So, I thought I'd try to explain a little and give some basic info.

Included in Dave's "About Us" info on his website is the following: The Lampo Group, Inc. is providing biblically based, common sense education and empowerment which gives HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed.

Financial Peace University is a 13-week class to go from financially distressed to a path leading to financially secure.

DaHubby and I aren't necessarily bad with money. We impulse buy occasionally. We like technology. We both have excellent credit. But, as we've found out in the last year, we are seriously overextended right now. And, while we're blessed to infrequently argue about money, we ARE tired of worrying about money. And, as we are finding out, having excellent credit is not necessary a positive thing. Not NEEDING credit should have been our goal all along.

Dave also has a national radio program of which DaHubby's been listening to HOURS of old broadcasts on the internet while at work. That along with the classes we are taking at a local church (you can also take this class online), there are some MAJOR changes in store for the Vikings' household.

Last night, as we were working on our "homework" for next Tuesday, it was REALLY hard not to get REALLY discouraged. It'll be YEARS before we get this right again. And, it's gonna get worse and hurt a little more before it gets better.

As part of the class, Dave has "baby steps" to accomplish in a particular order. And, since we currently have a spending plan that's still running us into the negative on a regular basis despite several rounds of "trimming", we are struggling to even complete the first one: to have $1000 set aside in the bank as as emergency fund.

Dave has a very no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is style. And, there are already things we're hesitating about that would raise his ire. While we are both willing to do what it takes to get out of this mess, we are grasping to keep our second vehicle and doing everything possible to not sell our current home. However, it becoming clear that we will likely have to give up the first to keep the second.

And, we have learned enough that we have found "hidden money" in places where we could trim, transfer, re-negotiate but not enough to have a spending plan that works as it should ala Dave Ramsey.

And, like AA programs and the like where you are trying to change major life habits, you have to WORK the program to have it WORK. So, we're plowing through, negotiating, and evaluating each step as we go.

And, it's been brutal...on both of us.

My brain was so overwhelmed last night by all we have to do and have to accomplish that I just wanted to fall into bed, pull the covers over my head, and cry.

Anyway, this program comes HIGHLY recommended to us. And, we found out that a couple at church that we see as mentors used this program to get to the place where they are now - a place we've envied frequently. So, cutting, trimming, delaying gratification - they will continue indefinitely...until we see some progress.

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Brea said...

Hello -- I found your blog via a Technorati search and wanted to say congrats on starting FPU. My husband and I just graduated from our class on Sunday and it has made all the difference in the world to us. Keep on keeping on -- it's worth it!