Monday, October 15, 2007

I confess...

...I'm a closet history buff who can't WAIT to spring all this date-y goodness on DaHubby and the Vikings! *tee-hee*

Was cruisin' PayPerPal and found a company that does multiple walking tours in several cities in the U.S.. DaHubby and I have talked for years about how badly I want to take him to Washington D.C.. I went once in high school and have been dying to get back there since.

And, one of the reasons I've been interested in homeschooling was to be able to do traveling to historical site (preferably off season! LOL) and explored them in depth when the Vikings are old enough.

But, this company has some really cool walking, biking, and mass transit tours with some awesome historical significance. While I live within 90 minutes of most of Trusted Tours' Chicago tours, these Charleston tours caught my eye immediately. Particularly the one called "The Patriots of Charleston Tour."

While I wish it was more affordable (it would be $74 for a two hour tour once both Vikings were 8 yrs old), how cool is it that we would see the Old Exchange Building and hear about the three native South Carolinians who signed the Declaration of Independence?

So, at what point do kids first learn about Charleston and/or the Revolutionary War? Hmmm...

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sara said...

that is so wonderful! I also wanted to tell you that I really like the wax paper with the leaves from your last post.