Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Homeschool Report For September the numbers:

Number of memory verses: 1 (Numbers 4.26)
Number of classroom "days": 8 (2 per week)
Number of times we read "Prayer For A Child" as part of the "Before Five In A Row" curriculum: 4
Number of time we read "Ask Mr.Bear" as part of BFIAR: 3
Number of "field trips" outside for activities: 3
Numbers Flicka practiced orally counting up to: 10
Numbers Flicka practiced writing: 1 - 4
Letters Flicka practiced writing: A - F
Colors covered this month: 3 (red, blue, green)
Shapes covered: 3 (hexagon, triangle, rectangle - don't be too impressed! LOL We took pictures of a stop sign, yield sign, and our Neighborhood Watch sign and matched 'em to a sheet of 10 possible shapes! *wink*)
Senses explained and explored: 5

We also made bread, discussed where it comes from, talked about rhyming, worked on small motor (scissors), and talked about why Daddy and Papa call her a "Svenska flicka" on the day we talked about the letter "F" (intro to historical culture).

Boy, for about 12 hours time, we actually got a lot done! *wink*

Anyway, both of us have already learned ALOT! LOL But, ultimately, I'm getting to know better what Flicka is capable of and have already "tweaked" some things so October will be even better!

October? Well, we'll be doing...

10 days of class
10 nursery rhymes
3 days on "apples"
4 days on "leaves"
3 days on "pumpkins"
Another Bible verse
Learn about Daniel
Practicing writing A - L
Practicing verbal 1-13
Practice writing 1-7
2 more books from BFIAR
9 other library books
Work on sorting and classification
Creating a calendar re: October's weather
A month-long penny hunt to donate
Fire safety info (since October is Fire Safety Month)
Talk about anger management/feelings
Scottish music
Swedish culture lesson
Make apple sauce
A TON of crafts
3 more shapes (circles (apples), squares (baskets for the leaves), and ovals (pumpkins))
Small and large motor re: handing a ball


No wonder planning takes so long! LOL


barrellfullofmonkeys said...

What a great October you have planned. Can I come play? :) I FINALLY have my first post up that relates to the questions you left on my blog. I hope to have the next one up later tonight. The third (and I think final) post hopefully will be up by this weekend.

Kathy D.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, sounds great!!!