Monday, October 22, 2007

My "Big Sister"

I've seen many of us talk about our church families. I happen to L-O-V-E mine...warts and all! LOL I have my "church grandma" - Sister P. And, Pastor Deb (despite not being actually old enough to have a kid my age) is the Vikings' "church grandma" especially since she was there when both arrived into this world - praying over me as I labored, whispering God's promises in my ear as I pushed, and then over them as they took their first breaths.

But, I also have a "big sister" - Sister C. She has had a really rough road before coming to Christ. Abuse as a child. Drug use as a teenager. Many bad decisions. More drug use as an adult. Yet, God miraculously, instantly delivered her from her meth use five years ago when she gave her life to Him. And, He walked with her as she gave up cigarettes two years ago. Her testimony feels me with hope and makes me cry like a baby! I'm so proud of her.

Yesterday was "Recovery Sunday" at our church. We have a growing recovery program run by a man, Brother O, who was instantly delivered from alcoholism after tens of years of drinking. This program is less than three years old and is probably one of the fastest growing ministries in our church. It not only covers the more familiar addictions of drugs and alcohol but also addressed other things we use to "cope" instead of relying on God: food, control, sexual things, certain types of relationships, etc.

Brother O had four Recovery folks give short testimonies yesterday. First - a former "biker dude" who use to be addicted to meth and crack now clean. Then, an abused wife who left her situation and moved several hundred miles to go where she felt God wanted her. An older couple's individual testimonies with regards to his depression/suicidal thoughts being lifted and her issues with control and manipulation being brought out into Christ's light and exposed for what they are. And, finally, Sister C.

I'm guessing she felt most of us had heard her testimony before. Most know her story. So, she simply sang a song. But, what a song it was...If you have not heard this "updated" version done by Chris Tomlin, it's a must-see! (Or would that be a must-hear? LOL)

Now, you can see why I cried like a baby. And, why I'm so proud of her. And, why I think our God is SO AWESOME!

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