Wednesday, April 4, 2007

WFMW: DIY car maintenance

While this isn't exactly a "momma tip", it IS a tip that a momma who is keeping a budget CAN appreciate. The only thing needed is a car-handy hubby and a book like this one. This happens to be the one we purchased for "Goldilocks"- our 2001 Ford Focus when she needed her brakes replaced and we about had a heart attack when we were given estimates for the cost!

These Haynes manuals (and their competitor, the
Chilton brand) contain instructions that even *I* could follow! LOL Particularly since I was reading them to Da Hubby as he flawlessly replaced Goldilocks' brakes in under two hours! At a savings of over one hundred dollars!

Da Hubby also used it to replace the cabin aircleaner/filter, PVC valve, and fuel filter as well as other things that saved us expensive trips to the dealership or repair shop!! Works for me

So, head over to Shannon's today and see what other cool car-related tips everyone has!

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