Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Overheard at the Vikings' Hus at dinner tonight...

We've been doing one Resurrection Egg per night over dinner to start telling Flicka an age-appropriate version of Holy Week events. Each egg holds a symbol of the resurrection story along with Scripture. So, in the last nine nights, we've talked about a donkey (Jesus entering Jerusalem), coins of silver, a Passover cup, plastic praying hands (Gethsemane), a whip, crown of "pickers" (LOL), nails, dice, and (for tonight) a spear.

Once we had gone through the refresher of the first 8 and then introduced the 9th, Flicka said "let me tell YOU a story!" And, she went on to explain about Jesus walking on water! Wow! We haven't talked about that recently. It must be from Sunday School. And, then she stunned Da Hubby and I...

"Mom, now YOU tell ME a story about Jesus!"

Da Hubby and I could nearly keep it together. Since she was on a "water theme" and since we live within walking distance of Lake Michigan, I told a three-year-old version of Jesus silencing the waves. You should have seen her face! "And, he stopped the storm, Mommy?"

"Yes, baby, he did..." *sniff*

He calmed that storm, as well as the storm in me, in Daddy, and every believer! Amen.

The Secret Is Out
(Written by John P. Kee)

Tell me a story about Jesus Christ
Tell me of His goodness
Of His mercy, and of His life
Tell me of His boldness

He charged me not to tell
Of the good works He had done
And I must run and tell
Each and everyone

The secret is out,
the secret is out
The secret is out
And it shall never be contained

The secret is out,
the secret is out,
the secret is out
That He shall come again

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Debbie said...

This was sooooo precious! Come over to my blog for a nice surprise!!!