Tuesday, April 3, 2007

30 Day Organizational Challenge Begins!

Today is the start of Laura’s 30-Day Organizational Challenge at I’m An Organizing Junkie. With the recent addition of some much-missed ADD meds, I have been on a LONG overdue organization challenge each day for the last 3 weeks! LOL

Basements are a big problem for me…out of sight out of mind I always say! *wink* When Da Hubby and I combined households in 2001, multiple boxes of mine went into that house’s basement. When we moved to this house in 2005, many of those boxes had never been opened. And, then, of course, they were simply placed in this basement where most still sit today.

Our current basement is probably 3 times the size as our previous one so the mess didn’t “seem” like a problem but it's just migrating everywhere. The basement is kind of sectioned off in quarters: one-quarter, laundry; another quarter, guest room; another quarter, storage, and the final quarter, a homeschooling/craft room. (And, yes, for those of you wondering...those ARE two canoes in my basement. If you have a boatbuilding significant other, you know how much it can overtake the garage, the basement, and any other space where a tool can be laid down! LOL) So our basement is my big project for this next 30 days.

Also, we have this funky closet in the kitchen. It’s not a pantry really – there’s enough cabinet space plus the closet contains the attic access thus access to the “earthy” smells that could emanate from an attic. LOL . So, we didn’t want a ton of cans, dry goods, etc. to move each time Da Hubby would have to crawl up into the “great beyond” of our attic.

Currently, that closet is where all our “leftover stuff’ accumulates…cleaning supplies, light bulbs, toys and gifts I’ve stashed awaiting the need for a reward for someone under three foot tall, washcloths and dish towels, etc. So, I need to first clean it out, determine what stays, and organize it in such a way that I can easily remove most of it when Da Hubby needs up in the attic. This is my small project. This pic actually shows it minus the "bottle return bag" and the "read newspaper bag" and a few other things.

Oddly enough,the rest of my house is really clean and relatively tidy! LOL

So, I’m off to link up on Laura’s Mr. Linky. Check out the
sign-up page to see what else people are tackling this month and the wonderful prizes Laura’s offering.


Marcia said...

Hi Beth

Welcome to the challenge!

Just shout if you need some help.


Karen said...

I'm envious of your huge basement! I can't wait to see how it looks at the end :)

Barb, sfo said...

Hey! Where did you get all those pictures of my basement???!!! Mine looks just about like that one. YOU CAN DO IT!

org junkie said...

Hello! Thanks for joining in. It is nice that you have all that storage space...wow! I can only imagine how hard it is to combine two households like that. Have you determined how much time you can spend on it each day?

Good luck to you!

A Juggling Mum said...

Good Luck with the challenge, I'll be watching your progress with interest :)

Rachel xxx