Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Overheard/Said at the Viking Hus This Morning...

Da Hubby generally gets up a snooze alarm or two after 5am. He goes, makes his coffee, takes a shower, etc. and then usually wakes me up around 6am. That way I can make his lunch, we get a chance to talk for a minute, then I often can get 30-60 minutes of me-time before one of the kids wakes up.

Anyway, he crawls back into bed this morning around 6am and snuggles up behind me. It's obvious he's feeling all mushy this morning. He's quiet for a few moments, lets out a big sigh, and says..."is this what you always wanted? To be the queen of your castle?"

I didn't miss a beat..."yep, I always wanted to be a queen with dish-pan hands!" *wink*

And, he rightly followed up with..."you're gonna blog about this, aren't you?"

LOL Yes, handsome, I am!