Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thank Tank

Inspired by Peach...

Having one of those cranky, why-me, tired-of-trying type of days. It's been difficult to maintain a proper attitude - much less one of gratitude. I'm trying to keep my promise to myself to not let financial struggles steal away my confidence and joy in Christ and in the comings and goings of my average day. But, as I've been told many times, being grateful must be a very conscious thing ESPECIALLY on days like these.

I feel like I have to keep remembering the most basic things:

I'm thankful for my health. Yea, the aches, pains, and slower healing are beginning as I see 40 on the horizon. The weather is wreaking havoc with my allergies and with my joints. I'm overweight and feeling the effects but you know what? I have NOTHING to complain about when compared to Heather and Kelly. Or, even Peach who is struggling with pain on a regular basis. How dare I complain?

We're still dealing with financial struggles. And, more are on the horizon. As a result, we've even talked of selling our home of 2 years. But, you know what? At least I have a home! And, I have enough money to have gone grocery shopping today. And, we were unexpectedly rewarded for calling the gas and electric company last night. We're on budget plans with both and have noticed lately a hefty surplus with both (thanks to the warmer than usual winter) - somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 combined. And, May is the month our accounts will be reviewed, our budget amounts adjusted, and our accounts "zeroed out" so we will be soon receiving those checks in the mail. Praise God!

My babies...oh, my babies! They are healthy, happy, warm, and fed. Need I say more?

Da Hubby...can't even explain it to him, to you, or even to myself - what I would do without him? My world absolutely, utterly, willingly, lovingly revolves around him.

My own and my my in-laws. Despite struggles and misunderstandings on both sides, I have some of the best family anywhere!

And, ultimately, my Lord and my salvation. Without them, what's the point?

Not exactly the post I wanted to write but apparently the one I *needed* to write.


GiBee said...

Finding joy in the little things builds our faith for the bigger things!

Unashamed said...

I hear ya. The days that it's hardest to "feel" thankful are the days that we have to be intentional about being grateful. And I don't think it makes it any less genuine either. I do enjoy reading these.

Lisa said...

I'm glad that you are able to see God's Hand in your hard days, my friend!

I know about budgeting too! We're back in the saddle again!

Have a blessed weeekend!

Peach said...

You are precious, dear Beth. Pain is relative . . . everyone has a different threshold of pain. Thank God that He is in the midst of all our pain -- big or small.

Thank you for being a prayer warrior and for placing me among those you call before the Lord. I appreciate it more than you could ever know.