Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SRT #5 - Obsession by J. Kellerman

Am I a glutton for punishment for what? LOL Didn't I just post 15 days ago that I had read a Kellerman book and that I was less than impressed? Well, I'm claiming "library guilt"! I put a hold on it, they told me to come get it, I had it in the house, so I HAD to read it,right?! *wink* It's like the "why climb the mountain? Because it's THERE" argument

Short version - better read than "Gone". Some good twists and turns of plot. Petra Connor, another of Kellerman's characters from another series, appears in this story. Some loose ends here and there. Eventually, Kellerman made the character that initially needed Alex and Milo's help so wimpy and such that you stop rooting for her. And, finally, for once, it's not Alex Delaware caught unawares at the end but someone else. As a side note, we also get to see a bit more into his buddy Milo's life.

Good brain candy. Nothing fancy. I've got one more "the-library-held-it-so-I-have-to-read-it" mystery by Patricia Cornwell and I'm getting back on the "serious" bandwagon! LOL I promise. My brain's starting to turn to mush!

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Lorie said...

I have read several of Kellerman's books. Some of them are really hard for me to read, but some of them are also really good, might have to check this one out! Thanks!