Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Many Talents of Dogs!

We've all heard of drug dogs...sniffing their way through traffic stops and airports. And, we have all probably seen a service dog of one type or another - for someone who is sight-impaired or has a mobility issue. I've even seen a segment on TV about a cancer-sniffing dog who makes a loop around a low-to-the-floor examining table to smell for melanomas. But here's an application of a canine's scent ability I've never heard of - mold sniffing!

This site from New Jersey mold detection business uses “Hunter” to “detect and locate the source of mold growth by detecting the gasses (MVOC’s) mold growth gives off.” By Hunter locating the source, there is less damage done to areas of your home than if they had to pop holes in walls and such “tracing” the visible mold back to a source. The EPA is even advocating this since it has been shown that dogs can smell compounds at 1 part per billion!

How cool is that? Sounds like something that should be on one of Shannon’s Works For Me Wednesday posts!

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