Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Godly Woman 101: Day 2

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Ruth 2

Boaz - probably means "in him is strength." He was designated the "kinsman-redeemer" for his family. That meant that he was responsible for protecting the interests of needy members of the extended family. The Lord led Ruth to him as she tried to support herself and Naomi.

Boaz has heard of Ruth's commitment to care for her "emptied" mother-in-law. Boaz acknowledges his commitment in her while sharing that same commitment toward his family.

Boaz goes out of his way to make sure Ruth's labors in his fields were productive.

Beginning to see a parallel between what Boaz does to what Jesus will do...kinsman-redeemer, responsible for the needy, fulfils a commitment to them, makes sure one's work is productive...hmmm.

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Debbie said...

I think the story of Ruth is just beautiful. Definitely a woman to be admired.