Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SRT: Book #3 - Gone

This is another book for my Spring Reading Thing which is being hosted by Katrina. And, like with my #2 book, this book was not on my original list. LOL I wanted to read "Obsession" - another book by Jonathan Kellerman, but this one came in at the library first! *wink*

Kellerman has been one of my "summer brain candy" authors for several years. My step-dad (a masters candidate in psych) got me SO hooked on Kellerman's character, child psychologist, Alex Delaware. So, it is ALL his fault that I've read all twenty (yea, two-zero) of the Delaware stories.

Unfortunately, I found myself bored with this one. Same ol', same ol'. Delaware's independently wealthy, aw shucks attitude. His commitment issues. The back and forth between his old and recently ex- girlfriends. The long friendship with Milo Sturgis, hard-nosed but gay L.A. homicide detective, who gets him all caught up in trouble regularly. The "surprise" attack that always seems to befall Alex in the last 2-3 chpaters and Milo comes riding to the rescue. And,the crimes they investigate just keep getting creepier and creepier. *sigh*

So, if you follow this series, it's an OK read. If you are new to Kellerman or this series, maybe try an ealier one. You'll probably enjoy it more. I guess I've just become too much of a mom with too little time too spend on a book that just doesn't fit what I'm interested in anymore. LOL


Nise' said...

*smile* I keep picking up books that are not on my original list as well! Thanks for the review. I have not read any of Kellerman's books. I have friends who do and say the same thing...read the earlier ones. We are neighbors! I am in the other Haven!! :o)

Nise' said...

Thanks for stopping by my place today! Yep, my haven is grand *wink*! The sun is trying to peek out here. Come on sun!!

Debi said...

Haven't read this one yet. But I have to agree that the earlier ones are much better than his recent ones. Thanks for the review!