Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Godly Woman 101: Day 1

There have been several opportunities and "nudges" lately around me that keep referring to pressing in, diving and digging deeper, stepping up, and striping away spiritual junk. My "church grandma" (aka Sister P) who is a very strong woman of God and an absolutely Heaven-glorifying example of the gift of teaching spoke during our last-Wednesday-of-the month, women's meeting a week ago yesterday.

I won't go into all the details right now but I left that meeting determined to learn more about what exactly Scripture says about being a godly woman. So, I'm temporarily "suspending" my Bible-in-a-year schedule to focus on a month's worth of Scripture that Sister P suggested to me. Doing one chapter a day, this should last from today until April 30th.

So, to keep me accountable, I'm going to "document" my notes each day...

Today I read Ruth 1 and this is what I found out from notes, commentaries, and observations...

- Ruth is about grace by obedience that comes from faith (not by blood or birth). She was not a "native" Israelite but an adopted one. Yet, the Bible documents her as one of only four women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. The Book of Ruth is a testament of how all the tribes and nations can be saved by God.

- She was David's great-grandma!

- The words "redemption" and "kinsman-redeemer" are used repeatedly...again reinforcing God's grace.

- She was a remnant of true faith and piety in a time of religious and moral degeneracy.

- Naomi means "pleasant" - probably why she asks for her daughters-in-law to call her "Mara" once she had been "emptied" of everything - her husband, her sons, and no heirs.

- Ruth is similar to the Hebrew word for "friendship"- how appropriate!

- Ruth a a wonderful example of loyalty and love to Naomi, particularly since she had nothing to gain and what appeared to be a pretty bleak future as a Moabitess in the nation of Israel.

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