Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thinking and Learning

"Learning without thinking is labor lost; thinking without learning is dangerous." (Chinese proverb)

It was my turn to be stunned about the reach my ramblings have when
Debbie left a comment for me to go check her site for a surprise! Being game for something unexpected, I checked out her bloggy home and found this...

I'm honored and flattered - particularly since I've been feeling so "off my game" lately. But, as Debbie did, I accept graciously.

In return, an "honoree" is to pick 5 other blogs he/she feel are deserving. Many of my favorites have already been chosen this last week or so - like
Everyday Mommy - whose posts probably cause more conversations around our dinner table than any other blog I read. But, I scanned through the 30+ blogs I check each day (yea, I know, I'm addicted) and found these ladies who bless me with their amazing insight into the things of God in their everyday activities...something I'm striving for. So, with no further ado, here are my honorees...

My first one is for Peach at her new home at
Without Fear...she's been given this nod already but I couldn't help doing it again. Her struggles and transformation in the last few months have changed the way I look at my daily life. Because of the time she spends contemplating what her life and her beliefs mean to her and because she takes the time to blog about it, I'm more thankful and conscious of every good work of God that's around me.

Next, JMom at
Lots of Scotts. Her sweet, sweet, SWEET trio of miracles are only 2 months younger than Flicka. She and her babies came very close to being with Jesus during their delivery. I am humbled and inspired by how she is raising her munchkins in the knowledge of the Lord. And, because of one of her awesome parenting ideas, our home runs significantly smoother by using our version of her "blessings chart".

Sarah at
In The Midst of It is a "new find" of mine. She apparently had quite a following, took a break from blogging, and I caught up with her as she returned to the "mommy blogosphere". She seems to have a sense of discernment about the things of God that I hope to have someday.

Karen at
Growing In Grace is one I stumbled onto during the Blog Party last month. She's a homeschooling children's pastor. Needless to say, she has a lot of wisdom in the areas I'm interested in! LOL

And, finally, my sweet friend Christina at
The Right Perspective. We met through a MSN message board aimed at parenting issues for moms who had struggled with infertility. Lost sight of her there for a while. Found out why...two of the things she's most passionate about - politics and her faith - were something we weren't "allowed" to discuss on our MSN board. So, she does it on her blog.

So, ladies, since you've been tagged, write a post with five links to blogs that made you think as well as linking back here for the explanation. There are two versions of the award. You may choose either one...the lovely silver one above or the shiny gold one below!


Peach said...

Beth, I am honored. Thank you for such sweet words of encouragement. You don't know how much I needed them this morning.

JenMom said...

Beth- Thanks so much for the honor. I think YOU are quite the thinking blogger. I am enjoying reading your posts!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Beth, thank you! I have seen these around on blogs lately and am so honored to receive one from you!

Christina said...


Thanks so much for thinking of me and honoring me in such a thoughtful way. I'm not sure I'm really all that deserving of a "thoughtful blogging" award lately. Life sometimes gets in the way! Still, you were sweet to think of me and I appreciate it so much. Can I nominate you back?

Karen said...

Thank you, thank you! What an honor! I appreciate your kind words. Your recognition has made my day :)