Monday, March 19, 2007

Read To Me Wrap Up! (Updated below)

(Update below...)

It's hard to believe that it has been a month! Geesh! Where did the time go? Jennifer started the Read To Me Challenge on February 19th. My original goals were to introduce Pojke to reading by using a pre-naptime and eventual pre-bedtime reading and snuggle to replace his final, lingering nursings and have him weaned by the end of this challenge.

The good news? Pojke is weaned! While Momma is still a little uncomfortable, he has been nursing-free for about 5 days. While Flicka nursed 'til she decided she was done at 15 months, I sought the weaning of Pojke this time around since that milestone had to be achieved before I could return to taking some much-needed maintenance medication I have been unable to take since I have been pregnant or nursing someone since June 2003! LOL

The less than stellar news? I was not completely faithful with my reading. There were occasions where Pojke fell asleep in the van or such so he was just shuttled to bed. Other times, my "pile" of board books sitting next to the rocker had been "mysteriously" moved and I was just too darn exhausted to get up and track them down. So, rocking ensued and hymns and lullabies were sung instead.

However, I'm finding that even after my patched-together attempt that it will definitely be something I keep up. Pojke is starting to laugh and be curious about the pictures, interested in my different "voices" reading, and wanting to turn the pages himself...which is what I was kind of shooting for anyway!

Thanks, Jennifer, for this challenge. I hope I didn't let you down! LOL We took a more round-about trail but I think we accomplished the heart of what you were trying to do! And,if you are interested on how everyone else did, go to Jennifer's bloggy home today and check out the results.

Later...wouldn't ya know it! What timing! I just looked over while balancing the checkbook and what is Pojke doing but reading a book! One of THE books we've been reading the last few nights! He brought it out of his room and sat down next to me to read! *sniff, sniff* Thanks again, Jennifer!


Joyful Days said...

Oh those were fun days when my guys were that little. But it was hard to finish a complete thought let alone a book sometimes. Just start building a little at a time. I didn't do as much as I wanted and mine are pretty independent!!

Jennifer said...

Nope--you didn't let me down. Like I said, this thing was for me. I'm just glad that some of you jumped onboard for the ride.

Actually, I think that any sort of consistent reading to a one year old is a great habit. Ours was definitely sporadic, and didn't get semi-regular until he was nearer to 1 1/2, I think.

And congrats on the weaning!

Carrie said...

Extremely cute picture. That must have been exciting to see after reading that book the past couple of days, eh?! =) *sigh* Looking forward to my kids being old enough to pick out books that they apparently like!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I remember the days of nursing and being too tired to get out of the chair. I remember well! Lullabies, hymns and cuddling are a darn fine substitute for when the books aren't close by!

Anonymous said...

Great picture! You are obviously helping them learn to love books!