Thursday, March 8, 2007

Thursday Thank Tank

Well, it's Thursday again. And, despite my best intentions, it has been two weeks since my last TTT. As I've described before, this is an area I struggle with. Trying to mindful of the positive, awesome blessings God showers down around me is often crushed out by pressing concerns, responsibilities, and anxieties. So, in trying to maintain that mindfulness (in no particular order)...

1. Da Hubby's job: Things are not good at his shop. No new work in nearly three weeks. Blessedly, Da Hubby has his system administrator responsibilities to keep his time card full while his engineering responsibilities are fewer. The manufacturing industry as a whole is doing very poorly particularly in this part of the state where it is a major employer.

2. Da Hubby's insurance (again) LOL: Da Hubby has found himself this week with some major tooth pain. Professional inspection leads us to believe that there will be several crowns and bridges in Da Hubby's immediate future. While it only covers 50%, it's better than having no insurance at all.

3. Extended family: Nothing like a birthday and an inundation of birthday cards to remind you that you are loved, prayed for, and thought of! 363 days 'til the big 4-0! *wink*

4. And, speaking of birthdays...I praise Him for keeping me alive and breathing this long so I could make my way back to Him albeit a little later than He probably planned! *wink*

5. My marriage: Sadly, someone very close to me notified us that their marriage will be going through a trial separation. While this couple has been married many years and I only have the perspective of nearly 6 years of marriage, I naively pray that everyone is as happy as Da Hubby and I.

6. Health: Other than some occasional "morning booger noses", all four of us have been healthy this week and no one is on antibiotics...a first in a while.

7. Singing: It seems that nothing right now takes me immediately into His presence more than singing praise and worship songs (about all we listen to around here anymore! LOL). I can hardly get through any song on WFRN lately without bringing me to tears.

8. God's guiding Spirit: I had another article/blog/sermon idea that I had filed away. I took the scrap of paper with my initial notes with me while watching the kids in the church's nursery during last Sunday night's services. In the hour I was in there, I got the supporting Scripture located and the entire outline done...something I hadn't been able to do in MONTHS!

Been inspired by Just Peachy so perhaps stop by and see what she's thankful for this week!


Peach said...

Beth, this is so good. I know how hard it is sometimes to see the goodness in the midst of difficulties. Yet, you inspired me with the way you let your gaze drift back to the Lord and His blessings. That's what this whole Thanks Tank was born out of in the first place. A way for me to intentionally get my eyes off me and back on Him and His gifts -- big or small.

Denise said...

Enjoyed this post.