Saturday, March 17, 2007

What Will I Do With "All" The Money?

As a SAHM, I often worrying for the weight my hubby carries by supporting our whole household. He works so hard. And, I wish I could ease his burden somewhat, even if in a little way. Unfortunately, I also like to do cool things with and buy nice things for Flicka and Pojke. In addition, I was planning on starting homeschooling Flicka this fall and I’ve been pricing curriculum! And, it’s not always cheap!

So, I’ve been searching for ways that blogs could generate some income. There’s advertising of all sort. There are affiliate programs. Unfortunately, unless you have a blog with traffic numbers at are already relatively high, these bring in very little additional notice or money.

Then, I saw someone doing Payperpost. Initially, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea. Most of the opportunities aren’t something I’d want to post about, especially when I saw all the “check out our credit cards” and dating site posts. But, occasionally there are a few (like this one) where I can post and earn some pocket change to boot. You gotta love that!

So, with the $5-10 bucks a week I’m hoping to make over the summer, that will hopefully add up to about $100 for materials and initial curriculum for September!


SeaBird said...

Hey - thanks for posting at my site because, strangely, I haven't received any of your email replies! Try emailing me directly at seabirdchronicles at yahoo dot com and if you don't hear back from me in a day or so, post another comment with your mailing address (I'll delete it as soon as I see it!).

Sorry for the communication problems - don't know what the issue is!

BrideOfChrist said...

Neat info :) Check out - Ive already made over $200 doing just the free offers...yeah you get some spam and such, but its a small price to pay if you ask me :) If you sign up, tell them brideofchristnj sent ya ;)

Beth said...

Good information to have! Thank you for sharing!