Friday, March 23, 2007

Overheard At The Viking Hus...

It must be a moon phase for witty youngsters! LOL Not to be outdone by Chili and Jules *wink*, here's what was heard at our breakfast table this morning...

Da Momma: *sneeze!* Excuse me!
Flicka: Mommy, you don't say 'cuz me!
Da Momma: Why, baby? Everyone should say excuse me! Even mommies.
Flicka: No, Mommy, you say "bless you"!

After three weeks of three-year-old attitude, a refreshing change! *wink* Maybe all that "momma harping" actually sinks in occasionally!


Christina said...

Very cute, Beth!

Emily surprised me a few days ago. I sneezed and the next thing I heard was "bess you, momma". I had no idea she understood that or could say it.

These are priceless moments, aren't they?

Have a great weekend!

chilihead said...

LOL! Kids really are the funniest. Wild Thing will bless herself after she sneezes if we aren't quick enough for her. ;)