Thursday, March 29, 2007

12 Months/52 Weeks/365 Days Later

Happy Bloggy Anniversary to me! A year ago today, I began my first blog over at Faithprints. I also posted my 200th post this past week. So, double celebration!

My first entry said “where to begin? I feel like I have so much to say, sort through, deal with, etc. that I don't know where to begin.” While I can see much has changed and grown over my 200+ posts, much remains the same.

Several friends have followed this ride from Faithprints to here. Dear believers like Anita, Debbie, Lisa, Sara, Denise, and Miss Lady of Value (along with many others) all made the leap to Blogger at about the same time. Our blogs a have been transformed by Blogger’s capabilities but even more so by the deepening friendships and fellowship we found together. We’ve also stumbled onto even more women of faith who inspire us and make us laugh. And, we’ve found a tool of accountability for things like Bible reading, resolutions, and other homemaking projects.

However, as I said, much remains the same. Particularly lately. While things have improved on this front, I’m still feeling like there’s so much left to deal with, write about, and cope with. I still don’t know where to begin…again.

I have several ideas for articles/blog entries that have yet to see the light of day much less pen, paper, or keyboard. I would need more uninterrupted time than I have right now to sit down to compose them. But, I feel God weighing heavily on my heart one of these topics and I’m finding many confirming “nudges” all around me.

Meanwhile, I have Bible reading I’m woefully behind on, Katrina’s Spring Reading Challenge to work on, I have CWO’s Tuesday In Other Words , Shannon’s Works For Me Wednesday’s, and Peach’s and Laurel Wreath’s Thursday thankfulness examples that I’d really like to keep up with. It just seems like too much right now.

All these things are things I really want to do. I enjoy them all. But, I have no idea where to start prioritizing them. A year ago, I was completely inundated by the process of becoming a mother of two. Now, with that challenge somewhat tackled (LOL), I guess I’ve moved on to new challenges and more lessons in balance and priorities.

This next year, I’m praying for big changes. Becoming a more powerful prayer warrior. Becoming an ever-improving woman of God. Seeking Him and His word at a greater level. Shaking a stronghold of poverty over our church and our home. (The devil will NOT distract me from God’s work and plan for me by something as simple as finances.) Deciding about starting a “homeschool preschool” for Flicka in the fall. Begin more deliberate witnessing and faith-building opportunities and discussions with Flicka. Begin using my writing and/or this blog to generate some income. And, I’m sure that God has more surprise detours in store as well which will be more lessons in submission and obedience.

Regardless of what comes, Lord, help me remember what’s most important: J.O.Y. First Jesus, then others, then you/myself.



Peach said...

Happy Blogiversary to you, Beth! You wrapped this post up nicely with the reminder to you and to all of us who read you regularly what is important . . . JOY.

Keep up with what you can and let God direct each step. He'll make sure you have your priorities straight --even if it is painful for Him to nudge you at times.

You ARE a Kindred Spirit. I am glad our paths have crossed.

Debbie said...'s has been awhile, huh? How wonderful that God has allowed us this fellowship.

I have to *say*, I share your feelings of having plenty to post, but not enough time to "scratch the surface" therefore, it's put off for another day. I also know when the Holy Spirit is calling me away. He's the one I want to please.

The spiritual goals you desire, is again proof of God calling His children to a more intimate place in Him. He is preparing us for His return. We see the signs everywhere.

Thanks for the word you left on my post about the children. I am in total agreement about where our anger at sin is to be placed. It saddens me still, when the system fails the victims and leaves the appearance that the devil has "won"
but, Praise be to God, I know he hasn't. Great post.

Lisa said...

Congratulations!! Time flies, doesn't it? I am so thankful for your friendship too!

I can totally relate to your feelings of so much to do and such little time to do them in! Please know that you aren't the only one. I've been writing a "to do" list each day and that is helping me. (though I do spend much too much time trying to decide what exactly to write down, once it's done it's good). I like crossing things off my list. In a SAHM's world, where almost everything that is done, is quickly undone, it is a sense of accomplishment! KWIM?

Sending you hugs my friend!
Lisa :-)

Shalee said...

Happy Blogiversary to you! It's amazing to go back over your lists and just see where God has led you in the past year...